Behind the scenes at darleen's video shoot


So I took a trip to East London a little while ago
to take part in singer/songwriter Darleen's new music video entitled 'A Little Off'. They'd been playing her track on Choice FM and announced that they were looking to get people to join in with the dance routine. Darleen's whole message is getting girls to appreciate everyone's different shapes and sizes and that we should be proud of that. It's a message that I think is so important for us to remember and so I was keen to get involved. The shoot was held at The Rag Factory just off Brick Lane, I turned up, having practised the dance they had uploaded to YouTube for us to learn all week, a little nervous and not knowing what to expect! Everyone was so welcoming and it was such a pleasure to meet Darleen. She was sporting the most fabulous costumes (as you can see through the videos), and her make-up was to me a portrayal of her own confidence and flare inside her - glitter, over sized eye-lashes, luminous colours - to match her just-as-outlandish outfits. Having had some tea (no heating, it was winter = freezing!) and biscuits to keep our energy up we did a couple of rehearsals before jumping straight into the first take. There were about 50 of us girls all crammed together into the warehouse space, all non-professional dancers dressed exactly how we wanted, with the amazing Darleen with her blinged-up mic taking centre stage. It was an inspiring experience and exciting to find out all the behind the scenes secrets at a shoot.

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