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Ladies In Charge


This month is all about empowerment and we are going to interview some of London’s coolest power babes to find out how they have managed to master makeup in the workplace.

How important is makeup to you at work?

Holly Dewsbury
Agency Lead at Twitter

Makeup allows me to express my personality at work, I have various different looks that I use for different scenarios, my looks almost become a sub-language that co-workers can read and interpret.

Montse Passolas
Vice President of Global Marketing, Rimmel

Makeup is very important at work – it’s the perfect accessory to your outfit. Makeup is a confidence boost, and makes you look healthier even when you have long days. We’re lucky we can wear makeup and cheat a little – men can’t!

Caroline Paris
Creative Director at Brave

Makeup plays a very important role for me, I work in a creative industry and I see makeup as an opportunity to communicate something about myself to colleagues, or clients. Feeling good about how I look also gives me a confident edge too.


What’s your makeup secret weapon? The thing you couldn’t live without at work?

Holly Dewsbury

Lipstick – I find that a lipstick can seriously change the tone of my look, if I want to be serious I will go for deeper shades, casual meetings I will keep things natural & nude.

Montse Passolas

Mascara definitely! And a little bronzer. Now I’m getting older concealer is one of my best friends too.

Caroline Paris

Mascara – Mascara highlights my eyes. When I am presenting or talking to staff it is so important to engage them with eye-to-eye contact and look fresh. Having fabulous lashes frames my eyes and makes sure people stay focused on me and what I have to say.


What is your everyday work makeup look?

Caroline Paris

As a general rule I will go for  “Power Makeup”, strong smoked out eyes and HD brows, the good thing with this look is that it can flex into evening. If there’s  ever after work events that I need to attend I can easily layer up lipstick and blush to transform into an evening look.

Montse Passolas

I wear a lot of makeup, I’m a beauty junkie! I wear bronzer, concealer, eyeshadow and liner, mascara, skin corrector, brow filler, lipstick or gloss. That’s it!


If you had one makeup tip for business what would it be?

Holly Dewsbury

Pitch it perfectly – Always think about what you will be doing and who you will be talking to before you decide your final makeup look. Makeup for meetings should be high impact, but a quick catch-up with a co-worker can be casual, so the look needs to be pitched to the situation.

Montse Passolas

Wear a good lipstick – it’s like a good pair of heels. It empowers you and makes you feel confident.Caroline Paris:

Never forget the nails – It’s amazing how much you use your hands to communicate in the work space so it’s always a good idea to make sure they look as good as you and watch the compliments roll in!