Tribute to London Fashion Week


Hello all. It's been a while as i've been extremely busy conjuring up exciting business plans to take over the world with (well, not quite) but enough to keep me off the streets of London and instead keep my head in a glowing laptop dissecting codes and playing with positioning....blah blah blah. Well anyway, thought this might be a good place to showcase some stuff we've been up to at Our blog hinges around 'old clothes, new ways of wearing them'. Usually, this sees us riffling through other people's wardrobes to put together new outfits from their existing clothes but for London Fashion Week, we wanted to show how this concept could still work with the latest fashion trends. So, we set ourselves a challenge of creating a video that showed us recreating London Fashion Week looks, in a charity shop, within moments of watching the live streamed shows. Thanks to Rimmel London we've been using their products to recreate the looks. And in particular we hosted a BOW party which featured a special how to recreate the Ibiza party eye look. The party was a massive success and we hope to do lots more.

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