Two reasons to love london...


Two shameless plugs here:
On a whim I bought last minute tickets to see Simon Amstell test some new material for an upcoming tour - Numb. The gig, at the Invisible Dot, Camden, was more a chance to see that guy off of Buzzcocks and Popworld live, and see how funny he actually is. And he is.
Once you've got passed the fact that the 'show' stops every 10 minutes for feedback, and that any old know-it-all from the audience is allowed to intervene and make their suggestions, its actually a nice way to see comedy. Be warned, I'd steer clear of the more cutting comedians in this situation. You sit about 3 feet away in a brightly lit room - so no where to hide if you don't like heckling!
Next up, was Puccini's "Tosca" at the ENO on Sunday There's nothing like a bit of high culture to make you feel completely detached and ignorant about everything. I don't know as much about opera as I would like to, but I know that 3 hours felt like no time, the music was utterly magical, and OAPs make the nicest company on a Sunday afternoon. Highly recommended.

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