Idol Eyes Kate Collection

Idol Eyes Kate Collection
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See how Kate and Hayden created four unique looks inspired by Idol Eyes
To get the ‘Boho’ look apply #100 Rose Gold Kate Shadow Stick on your eyes, and #103 Pure Turquoise right below the waterline. Finish with Eye Rock Jet Black mascara for a striking look.
Apply #103 Pure Turquoise Kate Shadow Stick all over the eye, adding a touch of #102 Electric Sapphire for a glamorous ‘Hippy Deluxe’ look. Draw a line with our professional brush of Emerald Gel Eyeliner and apply Eye Rock Amethyst mascara! You’re ready for the green carpet!
Get ready to rock the ‘Gig’ look by applying #102 Electric Sapphire Kate Shadow Stick on your eyelids, adding some #101 Deep Amethyst along the bottom lashes. Finish with Eye Rock Jet Black, the blackest mascara Rimmel has ever launched!
Start with a line of Emerald Gel Eyeliner along the upper lashes and apply #101 Deep Amethyst on the bottom ones. For a touch of shine apply #100 Rose Gold. Unleash your lashes with Eye Rock Emerald mascara for a fresh ‘Summer Rock’ look.

Rimmel London is collaborating with Fashion Illustrator Hayden Williams.

Hayden Williams is a 22 year old fashion designer and illustrator from London who has been drawing since the age of 3. Inspired by women and fashion, all his illustrations have his signature style with a cartoon feel. The artist instantly caught Rimmel’s eye via his impressive Instagram portfolio. Hayden worked with Rimmel Ambassador Kate Moss, on Kate’s very first eye Collection; Idol Eyes. Together, they creating stunning looks inspired on her new collection for Rimmel.

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